Gunnar and Greta and Georgie Mufflestump, companion gnomes


Gunar    height: 8 inches; width 3.5 inches  weight: .85 ounces

Gretta    height: 6 inches; width 3.5 inches  weight .65 ounces  (Gretta is somewhat self conscious about her weight)

Georgie  height: 2 inch  width: 1 inch

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Gunar and Greta are a quiet couple who enjoy the beauty of nature but feel equally at home in the suburbs as well as more urban environs.  They recently welcomed their baby, Georgie, into their family.  He is a very quiet baby and rarely cries.  They are very companionable and good listeners.  They will enhance your home and complement any decor.  They are knitted from wool yarn and are stuffed with non-allergenic polyester fiberfill.  They are one of a kind.


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