Henrietta Rockbottom- Childrens’ Nursery guard gnome


16 inches tall, 5 inch base.  Constructed of upholstery samples, non-allergenic fiberfill, yarn and crushed stones for weight.

weight: 1.56 pounds



Ms. Rockbottom  is a highly trained nursery guard gnome. She will watch over small children with devotion and focused attention.  She knows many lullabies which she sings very softly.  She comes with a glowing recommendation from her instructors at Gnome Guard Academy. Before attending the Academy, she served with distinction as a fabric sample at Crate and Barrell. She is made of upholstery samples and weighted with crushed stones and fiberfill.  She is very quiet and takes her responsibilities seriously.  Henrietta interacts well with other nursery personnel.  She is seeking a permanent position.  Henrietta is one of a kind


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