My name is Lois McMahon and I have decided to join the 21st century and start a website to sell my creations. I have been involved in crafting for many decades and have dabbled in a wide variety of creative pursuits ranging from quilting, to fused glass and felting, to name but a few. My mantra is to only engage in crafts as long as they are fun. When it stops being fun, it is time to return to a previous passion or to launch into a new field. During the pandemic, I have discovered fabric wrapped corded bowls. I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering the almost limitless possibilities and been distracted only lately by an excursion into gnome making.

My SSS (secret sister Sue) and I have organized and directed a local art and craft fair for five years, but had to call an extended pause due to the pandemic. As a result, my creations have been building up to dangerous proportions and I need a venue to release the pressure on my craft room. With the help of my faithful and talented daughter, I have initiated this website. My faithful and talented son has contributes a video. My unofficially adopted son has helped with considerable photography skills as well as fabric selection and general morale support. This has been a joint venture and I am grateful to so many people for their encouragement and assistance.