Flossie Greenthumb, gardening gnome


Height 16 inches  width: 6 inches

weight: 9.25 ounces



Flossie Greenthumb is an indoor gardening gnome.  She can provide extensive knowledge on the care and feeding of houseplants.  She is very patient with those who are novice planters and need assistance in keeping houseplants alive.  She has a calming influence on houseplants and is especially fond of Fiddle Leaf Fig and African violets. Before taking training as a gardening gnome she worked as a fabric sample at Crate and Barrell for several years before being honorably retired.  She is made of sturdy upholstery samples and weighted with landscape pebbles.  She is stuffed with non-allergenic polyester fiberfill and her flowing locks are fashioned from rug yard. Her cap trim is handknitted. She is eager to join your household.


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