Dipple and Daisy Sprockett, guardian and interior decorator gnomes


Dipple:   height:  10.5 inches; Width: 6 inches ;  Weight .84 pounds



Daisy:  height: 10 inches; width: 8 inches,  weight: 1.89 pounds



Dipple and Daisy Sprockett are a devoted gnome couple. They have lived together happily for many years and raised a family of two girls and three boys.  Now that their offspring have grown up and left home to start families of their own, Dipple and Daisy are eager to find a family to nurture and protect.  Dipple is a reliable sentry and ever vigilant.  Daisy loves to give suggestions for interior decorating and will help you find the perfect location for them.  The price is for both gnomes.  She is very sensitive about her weight, but is very fond of dark chocolates. They are made from upholstery fabric samples and weighted with landscaping gravel and stuffed with 100% non-allergenic polyester fiberfill. Price is for both gnomes.

Additional information

Dimensions16 × 6 × 6 in


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