Henny, Helga and Haki Hoppinflobber, hearth guardians


Henny:  height :10 inches; width: 3.5 inches;   weight  1.1 ounces

Helga: height: 8.5 inches; width: 5 inches;  weight: 1.1 ounces

Haki: height ;6 inches; width:3 inches; weight: 5 ounces

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Henny, Helga and Haki are a charming, hard working gnome family.  The Danish name, Henny, means keeper of the hearth, and he will guard you home even if you do not have a hearth.  He is training his son, Haki, to follow in his steps and the two of them will assure the safety and security of your home.  Helga, in addition to providing security,  knows a great deal about Scandinavian cooking and will offer quiet but helpful hints in the kitchen or wherever you might need her.  The family is knitted from sturdy wool yarn and stuffed with 100% non-allergenic polyester fiberfill.  The bench on which they are resting is not included in the price.


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