Seamstress with black and red trim purse and mask


height: 8.25 inches; width: 7 inches; back pocket: 4 inches by 7 inches; strap 39 inches
nylon zipper
mask is made of 100% cotton fabric
purse is made of sturdy fabric with 100% cotton fabric lining.



The perfect gift for your seamstress friend! Everyone is tired of wearing masks, but this mask and purse combination is designed to raise your spirits and complement every occasion.  They are the perfect companions for a quick trip to the store or a hike.  Perfect for those times when you just need to carry the essentials, but don’t be deceived by its size – you can fit quite a bit in this little bag The lined purse will comfortably hold a cell phone, keys and other small necessities.  The mask is summer weight with two layers of 100% cotton.  Both mask and purse are hand or machine washable, gentle cycle. This gorgeous lady will give you a smile and is ready for many adventures! Price includes shipping and handling.


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